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Yum Yum

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Image of Yum Yum

100 x 100 cm
Limited Edition of 50

Printed by master fine art printers Harwood King, each print is beautifully produced on 300gsm minuet cotton rag paper with hand torn deckled edges.

Louise creates large, contemporary, figurative works. Passionate about colour - shocking, vibrant and intense – Louise is continually exploring the power it has to invade our senses and influence our emotions.
Working on large sheets of prefabricated aluminium, priming the surface then throwing, rubbing, pouring and dripping inks and dyes, glitter and glosses, to form a background - this is then sanded, scratched and distressed, depending on what image will be overlaid. Continually experimenting with a multitude of materials, she is seduced by their substances and fascinated with their movement, individual textures and how they respond to one another. Louise’s subjects exist on many levels, portraying innocence yet also the lack of it - the children are storybook beautiful, their unique spirit captured and immortalised in that perfect state. By securing a tender moment or snatches of childhood memories, they are incredibly sensual, captivating, reaching out to their viewer. Her portraits are sensually erotic, beautifully demure yet subtly provocative.
Influenced by Utamaro and the artists of the ‘floating world’ and more recently their influence on the Art Deco period of the early 20th century, Louise is a painter in love with painting; with a passion and urgent need to create.

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